Don’t be divided – Stay UNITED!

European-wide Action Week Against Racism – 17-25 March 2017

4-Web General-1 Illustration: Coline Robin


Every year, UNITED coordinates a week-long Europe-wide campaign around 21 March to protest against all forms of racism and discrimination, and celebrate the diversity that enriches European societies. European Action Week Against Racism 2017 has take place from 18-26 March, with the slogan “Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED!”

The events of 2017 appeared to show a Europe that is deeply divided. Divisions between rich and poor, young and old, minorities and majorities, have dominated headlines and have had major effects on political processes. Rather than trying to heal these divides and work together towards a more equal and just society, populist and right-wing forces have sought to increase these divisions and use them to their advantage. Divisive “us and them” rhetoric has threatened the foundation of our communities and the stability of our societies. As the European antiracist movement, in 2017, we have stood together and called on the people of Europe: Don’t be divided, Stay UNITED!