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Report your activity to UNITED

The European Action Week Against Racism 2018 is now over. We want to thank everyone who got active during this year’s campaign and contributed to raising awareness on the issue of discrimination and to promoting diversity in Europe!

At the UNITED Secretariat, we are now in the process of collecting information from participating organisations to contribute to our campaign report. If you organised an activity for the Week Against Racism but haven’t informed us about it, please fill in the online form below with the details.

The details provided will be essential to select the Best Practices for this year, to improve our campaigns, as well as to estimate the reach of our campaign and to report to our sponsors.

Any questions you have can be directed to the UNITED secretariat by e-mail at

Report your activity

  • What happened? How was the event organised? Who was present? What were the results/ outcomes?
  • Provide any internet links (URLs) to reports on your activity, photo galleries, vidoes, media reports etc.
  • How many people in total were present at the activity, (including organisers, volunteers, participants, spectators etc.)
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    Upload up to 10 photos of the activity (max file size 10MB)
  • Any comments/feedback about the campaign, materials, graphics, best practice information, website, communication by the secretariat etc. is very welcome