How to join the Action Week Against Racism on behalf of my city?

IRL-ENAR IRELAND-pic3 copyPOLITICAL, RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL LEADERS can show their braveness and leadership when standing up for positions that may not be popular, and which show a vision of inclusion. Several mayors, ministers, and other politicians have shown their support to diversity in previous UNITED campaigns. In cooperation with ECCAR (European Coalition of Cities Against Racism), mayors and politicians are again asked to join this campaign. Approach your own politicians too! Send us a picture of this campaign poster with your mayor, minister, Member of Parliament and ask them for a clear quote: how will they promote diversity and fight racism, xenophobia, and exclusion. These political statements will be published on this website and Facebook UNITEDActionWeek.

We ask you to join our Campaign with one of these simple, no cost, actions on behalf of your city:

  1. Make a simple statement and send a photograph to show your support!
    Are you a mayor or other city representative? Show your support for the campaign! Write a short statement that we can publish on our website & Facebook, along with a photograph showing your opposition against racism e.g. by holding a Week Against Racism poster! For inspiration, check out previous years’ campaigns: 20172016, 2015. When you have your photograph and statement, please send them to:
    NEW! If you would like to approach your mayor or city government to encourage them to get involved in the campaign, but don’t know what to write, have a look at our template e-mail
  2. Hang UNITED Campaign posters in your city hall or libraries during the Action Week
  3. Announce the Campaign on your city’s public transport, local newspaper, website or billboards
    We have created e-material and uploaded it onto our website. You could broadcast our Campaign message in the public transport message screens. Our material is free of copy right, if you would like to translate/reuse any of our material please let us know if you need it in a special format. Please always mention UNITED as a source and send us copy of your publications.
  4. Create an exhibition of our 40 different free posters. Perhaps in your city hall?
    On request, we can send you a collection of our Campaign posters 1992-2015 for free.