Cities Joined the Action Week 2014


Cities of Europe took a stand against racism and celebrate diversity by joining the Action Week 2014 campaign!

Many city mayors and representatives from across Europe have shown their support!

Grassroots activism and NGOs are essential in building a fair society for all. But support from city mayors and local government can help make sure the message is clear: “We Fit Together!”.

Stockholm, Sweden

We all have a responsibility to fight intolerance but of course political leaders have a special responsibility. We need to stand up and take the debate in order to protect and promote the open society.

Erik Ullenhag, Swedish Minister for Integration

Toulouse, France

Jean-Paul Makengo, Deputy Mayor of Toulouse and President of ECCAR

Subcommittee for Human Rights, European Parliament

Almost everywhere in Europe, right-wing politicians and parties are on
the rise. In a very simplistic manner, they portray European integration
as gratuitous, refugees or minorities as threatening, and a withdrawal
to antiquated nationalistic paradigms as the only solution to all kinds
of problems. They couldn't be more wrong. Yet, experts expect a
significant shift to the right in the upcoming European elections. In
this context, it is even more important to take a strong stance against
nationalistic and racist movements, against hatred and discrimination -
during the Week Against Racism, and beyond.

Barbara Lochbihler, Chair of the Subcommittee for Human Rights in the European Parliament

European Elections 2014 Project, Open Society Initiative for Europe

The economic and financial crises in Europe not only meant an erosion of wealth but also of ethical standards and rights of vulnerable groups. Discrimination is not only widespread, but also affecting considerable parts of society in numerous EU countries and the upcoming European elections offer both an opportunity to place anti-discrimination and anti-racism on the agenda of the EU and Member States as well as threat that those politicians using xenophobic discourse will gain ground and get elected into the next European Parliament.

Peter Matjašič, Project Coordinator

European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS)

European cities are united ‪in creating conditions for peaceful coexistence, to fully benefit from diversity.

Elizabeth Johnston, Executive Director of EFUS - European Forum for Urban Security

Exeter, United Kingdom

We are all the same under the skin. And there is that of a God in all of us. We must have respect for all faiths. Exeter has become a very diverse city. Our RESPECT festival in May/June each year is a celebration of this. Diversity is good so we can mix together with people from around the world and learn to live in harmony with different cultures which we share the world with.

Rachel Lyons, Lord Mayor of Exeter

Member of European Parliament

Sabine Lösing, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left

University of Oslo, Norway

Ikke vær et ettall på jorda, bry deg om flokken din.
Don´t be a ONE on earth but care for the people around you.

Per Fugelli, Professor of social Medicine at the University of Oslo

Sofia, Bulgaria

As a representative of Sofia City Council I would like to declare our support for the Week Against Racism campaign. Sofia’s local authorities pay special attention to the ethnic tolerance and the fight against racism and xenophobia in their programme, related to Sofia 2019 City Candidate for the European Capital of Culture.

Vladimir Kissiov, Representative of Sofia's City Council the Committee of the Region (CoR)

Kresna, Bulgaria

Fighting against racism is everyone's responsibility, especially ours as being community leaders and decision makers.

Georgi Georgiev, Chariman of the Municipal Council of Kresna

Jeremy Hardy – stand up comedian.

Jeremy Hardy, a brilliant stand up comedian, standing up to racism with us. He calls for better social housing and wages instead of immigrant-bashing.

Jeremy Hardy, stand up comedian - United Kingdom

Barcelona Provincial Council, Spain

Mireia Solsona i Garriga, Deputy Delegate of Education, Equality and Citizenship of the Community Action and Citizen Participation Policies Service of Area of Services for Citizens, Barcelona Provincial Council

Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia


Miroslav Vasin, Provincial Secretary for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality – Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

„Romi su savest čovečanstva“ Stop rasizmu!"
“Roma people are conscience of mankind" Stop racism!”

Dusko Jovanovic, director of Roma Inclusion office – Novi Sad, Serbia

London, Great-Britain

I am delighted to live in, work in and represent a city that is called home by people from so many different races and cultures from throughout the world. London is richer from sharing those cultures and from the dynamism that successive immigrants have brought to our city since it was first founded by the Romans.

We have stood together against rascism and will continue to do so in the knowledge that our diversity brings London strength and that, as we demonstrated during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we truly do fit together.

Darren Johnson, London Assembly Member

Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities

Local level is where it all starts. This is why the Belgian Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities has developed tools and helped set up local contact points to fight discrimination and promote equality in cites and municipalities.

Jozef De Witte, Director

Member of the City Council of Mijdrecht, The Netherlands

The VVD believes that no one should be excluded. Participate and make an effort for society!

De VVD vindt dat niemand buitenspel moet staan. Doe mee en zet je in voor de maatschappij!

Maarten van der Greft, Member for VVD in Mijdrecht City Council

Association of the Units of the Local Self-Government of Macedonia (ZELS)

Racism is a point of view of those who are incapable to enter into the world of competition of ideas and knowledge. Cooperation, mutual respect and continuous promotion of new and progressive ideas are the components that should unite all of us on the path towards better and common future.

Dusica Perisic, Executive Director

Ghent, Belgium


Resul Tapmaz, Deputy-Mayor of Ghent, Belgium

European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions

We must resurrect common European values and principles such as equal pay for equal work. We should take pride in our uniquely European social model and guarantee that all workers, irrespective of origin, can access safe jobs, decent salaries, better qualifications, and collective agreements.

Harald Wiedenhofer, General Secretary EFFAT

Bern, Switzerland

This year Berne is organizing its 4th week of action against racism: this is an important statement from the city towards its citizens and hopefully many other cities all over Europe join this commitment and take action against racism.

Marianne Helfer, integration expert at the Directorate for Education, Welfare and Sport of the city of Bern.