Week Against Racism in Cordoba

21 March 2018

On 21 of March, a series of activities will be organized at Highschool Grupo Cántico and at APICO office with 50 students from the 3rd year of secondary in order to start a discussion on racism and discrimination with them. In the morning, a round table will be held at the Highschool Grupo Cántico with 50 students from the 3rd year of secondary. In the afternoon the activities scheduled at the Apic Headquarters will be: 17.00 Reading children of school support 17:30 STAND 1. Data racism and xenophobia 17:40 Dynamics "Wounds of the world" 17:55 STAND 3. Positive data / videos 18:10 Dynamics "Cures of the world" 18:20 APIC Manifest Reading 18:30 Coexistence, snack and games


  • Asociación Pro-Inmigrantes de Cordoba (APIC)