We are born human, we are not born perfect

“We are born human, we are not born perfect” by Muslim Youth Association (Budapest, Hungary)

“We are the MIT (Abbrev. for Muszlim Ifjusági Társaság, Muslim Youth Association) an organization founded in August of 2015, Budapest. We are a team of enthusiastic youth who are talented, motivated, inspired and energetic, who all feel a huge responsibility towards the muslim community, the Hungarian society and the perception of Islam in both Hungary and the whole European continent. We believe in a better future both for our elders, us and the generations that will come. Our seniors have done a great job spreading the message of islam in Hungary, but the new generation has new ways of seeing the world and its issues. So far we as a small group of muslim youth born and raised in the country we had lack of opportunities and organization to express our thoughts and put it into action. MIT was founded so that the young people living in minority trying their best to practice their faith, facing multiple difficulties wouldn’t have to battle them alone but they can enjoy being muslim in their environment with easier communication and unity.”