Suggested Activities

Want to join the European Action Week Against Racism by organising a campaign activity? This year, UNITED has three suggested activities that your organisation can easily and cheaply organise to mark the action week: Street Action/ Flashmob, Human Library and Theatre of the Oppressed. We have prepared how-to guides and best practice organisation that you can find at the links below:

Street action - 45x45 Street Action/ Flashmob: Taking to the streets is one of the oldest and most effective means of protesting injustice. More recently, flashmobs, where groups of people seemingly spontaneously assemble in one place, have become a key feature in activism.

Human LibraryHuman LIbrary - 45x45: The Human Library is a novel way of addressing the broad issue of prejudice while navigating around some of the associated sensitivities. Participants in the activity get to grips with their prejudices by meeting and getting to know members of marginalised and minority groups.

Theater - 45x45Theatre of the Oppressed: Theatre of the oppressed is a type of interactive drama activity, where participants get to know more about the hidden power dynamics and social structures that underline everyday interactions.

Others - 45x45Other: Want to do something different to mark the Action Week? A film screening, concert, discussion group or something completely different? No problem! You can find loads of best practice examples from previous years’ campaigns at this link.

Whatever kind of activity you do, make sure you let UNITED know by filling in the activity form, where you can also order free campaign materials!