“Strength In Diversity” by Karela Maria, Karapanu Iliana, Kiriakopulu Maria (Patras, Greece)

“With this poster we show 5 human beings holding each other. We cannot distinguish the 5 people, but on their bodies the planet Earth with its 5 continents are drawn. As title of the poster we wrote ‚ÄúDiversity creates the world”.
We came to this composition because we agree that the difference within human beings is natural and we will never have two individuals identical. In addition we add that the communication and interaction among people and the continuous exchange of diversity only improves the acceptance of diversity as a good value in our world.
Accepting diversity will also bring us to the respect and the understanding of others as a unique, special and different person. So the strength of diversity in our opinion is the interaction between people (they are unique in their personality) that this will create a larger and better world, where people will see the positive qualities that every person carries.”