A Walkathon is one of the best ways to make large communities come together for a cause. It is a non-competitive and low-intensity race which makes it accessible for everyone.

Bikeathons and Marathons against discrimination could as well be organized!

Below you will find one Best Practice case study with information you can use to help you organise your own activity. For general information on how to organise a walkathon, you can check out the useful articles from around the web listed at the bottom of the page.

Gain visibility for your event

If you’re planning a Walkathon, don’t forget to tell UNITED so that your activity will appear on our international activity map and we can share it on our social media channels to give you more visibility!! Just fill in this form.

Note: Laws on street demonstrations and assemblies vary by country. Make sure you have researched your local legal obligations before you start organising your action.


Best Practice

On 21st of March 2017, the Greek Forum of Migrants, together with representatives of various groups confronting racism, organized for the third time a large scale walk for the celebration of the annual International Day Against Racism.

The Walk started in front of the Greek Parliament and ended at the WelCommon Centre Accommodation for Refugees in Earcheia. Thousands of people, together with politicians, journalists, artists and writers recognized for their socially consciousness and active dedication to human rights advocacy joined the movement.





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