16 – 24 March: European Action Week Against Racism 2019


This year’s Action Week Against Racism will take place between 16-24 March under the slogan Time To Be UNITED.

We believe that now is the time to show that no matter the distance between us, we are all united in our efforts to combat discrimination, united in our goal to create cooperative, diverse European societies.

That is why this year we ask you to organise your activities around the theme of face-to-face meetings. Motivate people from all backgrounds to meet personally, and talk, sing, dance, eat, play, share, celebrate together!


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Don’t hide it, provide it!

UNITED can help you by providing visibility for your events through an interactive map showcasing all activities of the Action Week Against Racism, and by sharing your events on our social media channels. So tell us about your plans by filling in this form, and send us all your ideas around face-to-face meetings to inspire other activists around Europe. If you don’t have ideas or experience, not to worry: have a look at our Best Practices and Activity Guide. We also have downloadable campaign materials which you can print, use, customise, translate and spread.

Even if you don’t manage to organise an event yourself, there are several other ways to join the campaign: following the Facebook page and sharing its content, supporting others, spreading the message, joining NGOs, civil society groups, grassroots associations, schools, universities and city governments all over Europe to prove that unity beats division, and that we stand UNITED against racism in all forms.

Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!

Thank you very much and we are looking forward to your contributions!