Country Report on Action Week against Racism 2015 Activities

Here you see reports of a lot of countries that participated in our campaign!
There are overviews about the activites in these countries connected to our campaign.

Different organisations joined the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism and did a variety of actions throughout Albanian’s various municipalities. Act for Society arranged visits and workshops with representatives of municipalities of different cities throughout Albania, as well workshops in schools with an aim to overthrow the fear of the “other” and promote equality and diversity. Horizont EU organised workshops with high school pupils in the city of Lushnja and spread the message through local and regional media. On the local level, Community Centre Today for the Future, Beyond Barriers organised street actions and increased public awareness of the situation of racism in Albania. Roma Active Albania organised informative grassroots meetings and discussed segregation and discrimination in society.

In Yerevan and nearby cities, WostAYN organised meetings, seminars and lectures in different youth clubs and universities. Furthermore their activists spread campaign materials. The theme of the campaign was the connection between racism and hate speech in the Caucasus.

Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism in Austria was marked with several activities throughout the country. ZARA published an annual report on racism, which is available free of charge. The report contains a selection of racist incidents reported to ZARA in 2013. Thus the report gives clear and open insight into the work of the ZARA counselling centre for victims and witnesses of racism. The racism report provides information regarding racist structures in Austria and is supplemented by relevant background information and interviews. It is an important information source for national and international organisations and the only qualitative data source on racism in Austria. Afro-Asiatisches Institut Wien organised a screening of the film “ZOZO – A Film by Josef Fares” a movie which shows the struggle of a family trying to live in peace. As well as various other NGOs, Ahmet Demir, an MP of the Tyrolean Parliament, supported the Action Week Against Racism.

Many activities marked Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism in Belgium. Different seminars, street actions and demonstrations happened throughout the country. In the city of Gent the Discrimination Reporting Point organised a debate entitled “Migration Saves the City”, where the roles and contribution of immigrants in City were discussed, and after the discussion there was a march through the city with different messages against racism, ending at a venue where there was a concert organised for 21st March. In the concert different local bands were performing, with members from different cultural backgrounds performing together with the aim of promoting diversity. At midnight a funeral was held for the words “allochtoon” (immigrant) and “autochtoon” (native), along with a ceremony to celebrate the birth of a new citizen.
At the European Parliament in Brussels, the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) launched its annual European Shadow Report with a focus on discrimination in employment.
“The narratives about ethnic groups (Muslims, Roma…) have an influence on how persons are perceived, and perceptions influence how we act” – wrote Kerkwerk Multicultureel Samenleven vzw from Brussels. To explore this, members conducted research on narratives about ethnic groups on websites of 120 socio-cultural organizations with questions such as: To what extent and how were persons with a migration background portrayed on the homepage? Were they shown in a non-stereotypical way? For which themes? Were they also interviewed?, etc. After they gathering the results from the organisations a plan for a follow-up seminar was prepared where they discussed the results and came up with suggestions on how they could diversify the images they put on their products or websites as well how to be more inclusive for people with migration background. Part of the seminar was also visit an exhibition about the image of the “other” in religious art. In Antwerp there was an Anti-NSV Demonstration with the motto ”Jobs, Not Racism!”
EFFAT, which represents 120 national trade unions from 38 European countries, drew attention to the 2014 Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism by publishing a press release on 21st March 2014.

The Europe-Wide Action Week Against Racism in Bosina and Herzegovina was celebrated with different actions and events throughout the country. There were street actions such as that organised by Omladinski Centar – Jajce in the city’s central square. Jajce citizens made colourful handprints on one big banner with the text: “Mi se slažemo!” which means “We fit together!” Lots of youngsters joined and expressed their will of hope and diversity for their society.
Youth Resource Centre Tuzla activists spread the Campaign materials throughout the city of Tuzla. Volunteers from Centre for Youth Development PRONI spread the message online and offline by going to different institutions and organisations through Brcko District and informing them about the 21March. Beside many street actions there were also workshops with a variety of activities organised by Youth Centre Firefly in Brcko District. With the intention to enable the participants to explore the concept of racism and why it prevails in our world, they organised Icebreaker and role-play games to mark the International Day Against Racism. After having gone through different educational games, in the end each participant wrote their position against racism and the future steps that they will take to act against racism. A conclusion which leaves us with a feeling of hope and strength that we can make a change in this world. Even with small steps, it still counts.

“We are all the same – say No to racism!” Said young activists and volunteers from Free Youth Centre from Vidin and made a street action. They went through the most crowded streets in the town, handed out cards, newspapers and other materials, explained to people what their action is about the initiatives on antiracism they took. Other volunteers went to the municipality and regional educational inspectorate to tell about antiracism week and their involvement in the Campaign.”Public authorities were impressed, this was first time in our town to support antiracism campaign in such measures”-said Free Youth Centre. Some volunteers made connection with Bulgarian famous people – pop and rap star, actors and invited the to join the Campaign by making a stand against racism. In the end they created a video of famous people standing against racism and spread it through social media with aim to spread the message further more. In Sofia NC Future Now made sure that the message about the 21 March is gone through different organisations and institutions in the city. European Association Defence of Human Rights joined the campaign online through social media and spreading the message and materials through different institutions and organisations that they work with. Apart from the street actions Roma Social Council Kupate gathered Roma, Bulgarian and Turkish youngsters in an intercultural school project in one of the local schools in Sofia and discussed racism their rights and the problems they encounter in their everyday life.

During the International Day Against Racism, The Association of Recognised Refugees in Cyprus presented its ‘Knowing and Dispelling Hatred’ handbook and disseminated it to local people in Nicosia with the aim to help young people recognise and understand all forms of hatred, whether related to race, gender or sexuality, so that they can fight them. Representatives from the government and NGOs attended the presentation. Cameroonian immigrants and an Iranian political refugees shared their stories and the challenges they face in Cyprus. Youth for Exchange and Understanding from Cyprus took action at the Faneromeni square in the old town. This place was chosen as it is one of the busiest places in town. A group of 50 volunteers gathered and implemented the Flashmob event. Black and White masks were used as part of the choreography and in order to help giving the desired message to the audience. After the flashmob, members of YEU Cyprus have talked to the audience and discussed about the issue of racism in the city. KISA actively participated and organised several activities starting with a protest march The protest started at the OXI roundabout and finished at the end of Ledra street in the old city , this event was on the framework of the European Mobilisation Against Racism and Fascism. Then a public debate on “The phenomenon of the Far-Right in Cyprus, Greece and Europe: Considerations, Positions and Proposals”. Also workshop on “The Movement Against Racism and Fascism: Challenges and Dynamics”. All these actions showed once again that Cyprus has strong voices against racism.

Workshops with students from secondary schoolmarked the Action Week Against Racism took place in Littinen organised by Walter ry. Apart from that Activists from Walter ry managed to gather famous athletes from the region and ask for their stand and support on antiracism. Luckan activist of UngInfo organised several events during the week against racism.Part of the activities were the Living Library, showed movies, organised a few concerts in the commercial centre of the office students were invited to discuss racism. Together Association organised several cultural events at its centres. Migrant tales organized and took part in two events. Visit to an elementary and middle school in the town of Hirvensalmi in eastern Finland. Students from the elementary and middle school took part. Each were given a presentation by a Red Cross official about racism. The students did posters advertising positive and negative factors for migrants as well as short plays depicting prejudice. A big event also took place in cooperation with ETNO, a ministry of interior committee that promotes cultural diversity. In the event there were performances and a panel comprising of different, migrants, visible minorities and representatives of religious groups like the Lutheran, Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim faith. The panel talked about racism and how to challenge it; Campaign materials from UNITED were distributed widely in Mikkeli at different organizations and schools like Otava Folk High School.

“The annual report, by the government’s National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) is carried out each year to gage levels of racism and intolerance in the country. And the 2013 end of year report makes for sober reading once again, with levels of intolerance apparently on the rise for the fourth year running and the number of French people concerned by immigration (16 percent) at the highest level since 2002. And according to the BVA poll which the report is based on as many as 35 percent of French people admit to being “quite” or “a little” racist. In a survey of just over 1,000 people, nine percent said they were “quite” racist, which is an increase of two percentage points compared to the same survey in 2012. A further 26 percent admitted to being “a little” racist, which is an increase from 22 percent in 2012.”[source]
Xenophobic attacks and discrimination are no exceptions in today’s society.
On 22 March different associations and unions took ground in the centre of Paris and discussed about the situation of minorities and marginalized groups the problem of racism and fascism in the country. After the discussion there was a march through the city.

A wide range of activities were present in Germany. For this year’s International Weeks Against Racism over 1,300 activities were documented nationwide by Interkultureller Rat. “The campaign showed once again diverse and strong commitment against racism and exclusion in Germany.”
Tolerance between cultures and acceptance of the differences was an important topic all over the country. A charity concert took place in a school in Erlangen and many activities were organised by Ausländer und Integrationsbeirat Erlangen such as a podium discussion on racism, discrimination and the role of football in the integration process; A documentary movie “Can’t Be Silent” which showed a performance of a band “Storm & Water feat. The Refugees” and their way through last years Anti Racism Week; A concert celebrating diversity with school bands from SOR-schools; A theatre play “Can I Stay” about the difficulties of the people involved in the process of migration and asylum seeking to find solutions that come up to all affected individuals and groups; Discussion about Islamophobia followed with a short guided tour through the mosque; City Museum did research together with Pupils on the track of immigration on their home towns. Antirassistische Initiative from Rostock organised several acitivites Discussions, Livetalk, Movies, Theatre, Demonstration. In Berlin meeting and discussion on racism was organised by Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband Berlin Spree-Wuhle.

“Despite almost four decades of race equality legislation, minority ethnic communities are still experiencing substantial employment gaps. Positive action could help to address these gaps, but are organisations in Scotland making the most of the positive action powers they have?”-wrote Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights from Glaswog .Panel symposium marked the UN Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination by exploring a range of perspectives on how positive action can be used to ensure fairer representation for minority ethnic communities in Scotland. In Wales Show Red Card Racism organised an event that pupils got the chance to get involved, to show their passion to fight racism in society and to be given the opportunity to walk down the red carpet at an exclusive awards ceremony at one of Cardiff’s plushest hotels. They could designing posters, t-shirts, dance, writing poetry or even direct animations there was something for everyone. In London Over ten thousand people participated in the Stand up to Racism and Fascism demonstration on 22 March 2014. “The demonstration was vibrant, positive, diverse and lively with a range of different communities including EU migrants from Romania, Bulgaria and Poland to Roma, Gypsy, Kurdish, Muslim, Christian and other faith communities joining trade unions, anti-racist, anti-fascist and social movements. The day was a magnificent display of Britain’s diversity, multiculturalism and unity against racism and hatred.”-wrote Unite Against Fascism which also organised similar events in Glasgow and Cardiff. Street Actions of spreading the Campaign materials to local communities happened also in Tyne & Wear organised by Show Racism the Red Card UK and Grampian Racial Equality Council in Aberdeen.

Eventhough Greece has been facing many difficulties in the recent years with different forms of fascism and racist ideologies, many NGOs and different institutions stand up against racism and joined the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism with a variety of activities through out Greece. Filoxenia – Youth Support Organisation together with young volunteers was presenting in the public secondary school (Gymnasio) in Kryoneri Korinthia (Greece) different intercultural activities for young people during a period of one month. This programme was based on the topic “We fit together, Diversity = Strength”. The main aim of these activities was to foster young students’ understanding for the Strength of Diversity! Young people at school had the chance to get to know other cultures and see the positive side of Diversity. Exploring diversity in life they found out that there are a lot of interesting things to discover and learn from each other. In Volos a performative event against racism took place during the International Day against Racism. The event was performed by students of the Department of Preschool Education from University of Thessaly, participants were adolescents that have requested political asylum from Greece, hosted by “Arsis”, an association for the social support of youth, and adolescents from a special school for unobservant students. The symbolic content of the performative event- based on bodily expression and language- underlined the significance of human dignity regardless of origin, language, age, religion, social class, political ideology, and sexual inclination. A large number of people attended the event while reports were written in local newspapers. Responsible for its conception were Kostas Magos and Maria Tsouvala, professors at the University of Thessaly.
In addition, throughout the week against racism, a series of radio programs on contesting racism and discrimination were produced by the students, in collaboration with the public radio station of Volos. The radio programs were made possible by the participation of representatives of minority and vulnerable groups living in the region, teachers, parents, as well as victims of racial discrimination. The radio programs had high ratings and attainment.

The Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism was celebrated with different activities through Hungary. Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation from Budapest took part in a panel meeting for Football Against Racism. During the meeting football was presented as a tool against racism in Europe, at the event beside different NGOs also Hungarian Football Federation took part in the discussion. Shelter – Menedék from Pecs organised an Exhibition Park with workshops on racism, living in poverty, diversity, children rights etc. The Foundation of Subjective Values organised series of events during the action week against racism such as concert, an exhibition, a theatre performance. These and many other activities showed that in Hungary there are many organisations, which work on the issue of racism and discrimination and want to see the Hungarian society free of prejudices and discrimination.

All over Italy activities were organised to celebrate the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism. Different games and interactive activities took place in Piazza Cernaia in Genova, where children with diverse cultural background where gathered and enjoyed the spirit of diversity organised by Youth Europe Around Sustainability Tables. APS YARD from Milano organised intercultural events for youngsters such as games and workshops, concerts workshops, meetings with students and a demonstration against racism and for equality among people. In Turin Centro di Iniziativa per l’Europa del Piemonte a debate was organised on the topic of racism in Italy, in the debate where present different organisations and representatives from local and national level. No Border Line in Zagarolo organised activities with the youngest with intercultural theme combined with games music.

Under the motto: ‘Learn to Enjoy Diversity’ Society Integration Foundation (SIF) project National Integration Centre (NIC) is organising several activities during the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism. “Live library” – brought different people with immigration background to share their migration experience, their opinion about the current situation in Latvia regarding xenophobia and racism, and how to improve it. Another activity SIF organised was “Open microphone” – open floor for expression of the opinions for the participants. A discussion was raised and people got a change to speak up. A special evening was dedicated to discuss the discrimination and the history of apartheid in South Africa during 1960. In the discussion were present young people coming from different cultural, religious, racial background as well mass media and policy makers.

During the Europe-wide Week Against Racism National Institute for Social Integration organised launched I LOVE PANDA campaign. The Lithuanian National Campaign is based on the ideas and aims of No Hate Speech Movement, but it took its own approach and turned into I LOVE PANDA Campaign. Panda has been chosen to become the symbol and the ambassador of the campaign and is encouraging everybody to build up as much joy and kindness in their everyday lives as possible. At ‘V4 Vilnius’ NISI organised a party for everybody to come and listen to good music meet new people have a laugh write the phrases of joy and get inspiration to start the change in society and to develop mutual understanding between each other. Also at the National Gallery of Art project initiators held a discussion between famous bloggers, people well known for their activities online, concerning bullying, hate speech online, active participation and creation of the better and more friendly cyberspace for everybody. Well known cyber network activists said NO to hatered and racial or social insults in media and its’ sources. Debate was followed by an evening part „Musicians for human rights!“, where well-known musicians invited to become socially positive and more aware of the problems caused by hate speech.
“The Human Library was placed in open space in shopping mall during party.
At the Faculty of Pedagogy of University of Applied Sciences organised a interactive lecture with the students on the topic of racism and discrimination. European Foundation of Human Rights distributed campaign materials through the City of Vilnius.

Women of Large Families & Women Entrepreneurs Gagauzia together with the Youth League Volunteer Club will spread materials and do lectures and workshops with students from Coudaz, Kirseva, Coberunka, Kazaklia .
Interaction – Vzaimodeistvie organised youth activities in cooperation with youngsters from volunteer network M Liga. Public screening of films about the inhumanity of such a notion as racism. Moldova Without Nazism organised an event where young people from different kind of educational institutions got invited to the event and debated there is racism in Moldova or not. During the activity the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire about history of racism and anti-racism struggle. Those with more right answers were awarded with a special prize.
In Comrat the Youth League Volunteer Club organised a lecture and workshop about antiracism and discrimination in the local Collage in the Town.

Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism in the Netherlands was celebrated with more than 25 different activities and actions through the country.
Many meetings, workshops, lectures, demonstrations.
National demonstration against discrimination in education and work environment, islamophobia, homophobia, Dutch refugee policy and for the elimination of Zwarte Piet from the annual Sinterklaas procession. The motto of the demonstration was: ‘Denying racism is the new form of racism’. took part on 22March, the demonstration came as an reaction of comments of a leader of a far-right party made about migrants in Netherlands. Many civil society organisations gathered and showed that the there is almost no space for racism in the their society. The demonstration got also the support of the Mayor of the City of Amsterdam. In Mijdrecht torchlight procession happened and then an annual gathering against racism and discrimination, in addition there was a debate was organised. After the nice welcome the moderator, asked everyone to change their spot depending on their clothing. She required the ones with the darker clothes to move on one side of the room so they can experience how it is to be judged on one aspect such as color. Then the audience was asked how do they feel about it, or do they have some personal experiences of being discriminated that they would like to share.In Rotterdam RADAR handed out for the 4th time the Your Power – Our Power Award a price that goes annually to an organisation/person who has promoted the empowerment of Rotterdam in an exceptional way. Celebrating Cultural festivals happened in The Hague and Eindhoven. In Eindhoven Festival was with music, dance and ‘colourful’ tasting multicultural snacks. Special about was Global Art Exposition were various artists preformed.

Many Activities took part in Poland during Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism. NEVER AGAIN Association from Warszawa organised and coordinated several activities around Poland. Concerts were playing in Pila, Krakow, Torun, Grudziadz and Nowy Sacz under the moto “Music Against Racism”. Also A social committee meeting and two days seminar on the theme of 21 March were implemented in Warszawa City Council. Supported the online campaign on prevention of Hate Crime, the campaign aimed to inform foreigners about the rights and measures they can take and which are regulated by Polish law. With a hope that this actions will contribute to an increase of the immigrants’ trust in Polish public institutions and to establishing communication between aggrieved foreigners and public administration.
Exhibition on March 22 was organized by Hate Crimes Victims Aid Service and by the Gallery in Wroclaw in occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The competition was attended by about 40 participants of which 10 were awarded. Youth activities with volunteers from the Youth Center in Poznan were organised by One World Association.

More than 20 Activities marked the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism in Romania. Many activities happened through schools in Romania.
“Who was Nelson Mandela” a seminar organised by Public Service City Library in Resita after watching a movie “12 tars of slavery” an interesting discussion came out of the activities. In Constanta The Future of Roma People with aim to raise awareness among authorities, institutions and the majority of people on combating stereotypes , combating racism , discrimination pre- school , school , high school , university, as well as to try to reduce the forms of segregation in working place of Romani communities organised a meeting with local authorities. The Romanian Institute for Human Rights coordinated the schools, the Associations and Foundations that joined the campaign and organized a round table at its Headquarters in Bucharest. The campaign was encouraged by local authorities who participated in the events. A positive feedback was received from numerous participants. Later on awareness campaigns took place in Schools, Universities and Youth Networks. “Who was Nelson Mandela” projection of the Movie “12 years of slavery” the movie was dedicated more for elderly audience, after the movie there was a discussion about the issue of racism in the society. Later on youngsters got the chance to know more about the life and work of Nelson Mandela through watching a movie “Who was Nelson Mandela” , where after the movie a discussion went on how to fight racism and discrimination.
In Bucuresti GEYC had the initiative to involve various high-school and institutions from across the country in order to promote tolerance, diversity and nondiscrimination as values of a European citizen. Consequently, high-schools and institutions expressed their interest in developing a local event in order to raise awareness about discrimination. Also many activities happened through schools in Romania. Interactive workshops on the topic of antiracism took part in Gheorghe Asachi” High School from Botosani; “Miron Costin” Technical High School from Roman in partnership with Danubiana Technical High School Roman;”Spiru Haret” Theoretical High School from Moinesti;
“Dimitrie Leonida” Technical High School from Petrosani; “Constantin Cantacuzino” National High School from Targoviste; “Aurel Vlaicu” Technical High School from Galati and many more.

“MY CHOICE – NO RACISM! “– said and joined the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism – Miroslav Vasin, Provincial Secretary for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality – Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. “Roma people are conscience of mankind” Stop racism!” said and supported the Campaign Dusko Jovanovic, director of Roma Inclusion office – Novi Sad, Serbia. The students-volunteers of Praxis from Belgrade were interviewing various groups of citizens on a daily basis, specifically students and buyers of Liceulice magazines, Praxis’ clients, employees in various institutions, etc. On that occasion, the interviewees were asked for their perspective on racism. The messages collected in this way were written on postcards and were distributed to various relevant institutions, specifically to mainstream printed media, sport associations, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Office for Human and Minority Rights and the Ombudsperson. On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, in cooperation with IPAK Centre, was organized a night graffiti action of marking the safe place. In the city Centre of Kraljevo enthusiastic people made colourful walls mainly where youngsters go out. They also did a ‘ Puzzle Against Racism”, and shared a message that Youngsters have a strength to say NO to Racism.

This year in Slovenia, Zavod Voluntariat joined the campaign by addressing the issue of the discrimination against Roma people in Slovenia and interviewed Haris Tahirovic, the President and Head of the Roma Information Center Anglunipe (RIC), based in Ljubljana. RIC is currently developing as an important informational, social, educational and cultural centre for meeting the needs of the Roma community in Ljubljana and surroundings. The aim with the interview was to tackle an evidently divisive issue and to find out more about the rich and for long-term ignored Roma culture and history, because we strongly believe that knowledge and empathy are the keys to undermine every form of racism.

During the International Day Against Racism a seminar was organized by the Afro-Swedish National Association and took place in Stockholm. The seminar was about afrophobia and Racism and it was held in a Stockholm suburb where a very huge number of inhabitants are Swedish people with foreign background. Five of Sweden’s biggest political parties were represented in a panel discussion and it was really interesting taken in to account the questions and comments during the debate. The title of the seminar was “Debate on Afrophobia and Racism”. Antiracism Campaign materials were distributed through the city centre in Sundbyberg. And other activities celebrated the Europe-wide Action Week in Sweden.

During the Europe-wide Action Week Against Racism, the Movement against Intolerance in Valencia (McI) develop different activities involving institutions, associations, youth students and volunteers of the organisation. One of the events, took place at one of the main university buildings of the city center with representatives of different institutions and organisations. The head director of McI, Esteban Ibarra, introduced the seminar about the “Prevention Plan against Intolerance, Racism and Xenophobia in the Valencia community”, spoke about the increase of far right groups and political parties in Spain and in Europe in general. McI team in Valencia participated in different schools and high schools. Depending on the level of the students, different workshops were develop about issues such as racism and discrimination in schools, bullying and cyberbullying… In some of the workshops the participants prepare “Creative recipes against Intolerance”, doing colourful aprons with solidarity and diversity ingredients. About other activities happening in the city is worth mentioning the ones prepared by the Israelí Synagogue and the Islamic Cultural Center in Valencia. They invite everyone to enter and discover these religious places, showing the diversity of religions, tolerance between them and interculturalism. The Islamic Cultural Center set up a haima in the University of Valencia were students could discover other culture, share experiencies and speak about the diversity of the religions meanwhile drinking a good tea.
In Cordoba Asociacion Pro Inmigrante Cordoba – Andalucia Acoge in squeare “la Plaza de las Tendillas” did a manifesto reading and distributed UNITED Campaign materials for the Europe-wide Week Against Racism. The event was documented by nearly 10 local media.
Street actions of spreading Campaign materials took place in several cities In Tortosa-Tarragona, Atzavara Arrels, in Almassora did spread the materials in info points in city’s high school, in Madrid Asociación Comisión Católica Española de Migraciones.

“Building Equality” During the action week the City of Lausanne organises the 8th edition of Action Week against racism. A series of free activities addressed issues of discrimination and racism in the public space.
On the occasion of this event, a free guide providing concrete tools for citizens to prevent racism and to act against discrimination will be published and spread, later on there was a action for raising awareness ” Prevention of Racism at the hospital”; Workshops about Language, photography and prejudices” and many other activities. Radio X dedicated their programme during the whole week to the topic of racism and anti-racism: They presented portraits of Anti-racist organisations, lead live-interviews and discussed current issues… In the special programme “Black/White” the radio station deals with the relationship between the region of Basel and Africa and the situation of Swiss people from Africa in Switzerland.