Bilbao, Spain

Bilbao City Council works on promoting interculturalism, openness and social cohesion in diversity at the local level. We expressly condemn any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, nationality or gender. We know the corrosive effects these attitudes can have on society and we are determined to fight it wherever we find it.

Oihane Agirregoitia. Counciller for Equality, Cooperation and Citizenship. Bilbao City Council.

10 - 24 March 2013

The municipality of the city of Bilbao (E) showed great support for the Action Week by displaying the campaign poster throughout the city on 21 large (approx 1.5m x 0.5m) electronic billboards. They adapted the UNITED poster so that it was written in Spanish, Basque and English. To accompany this, the Local Board of Immigration of Bilbao City Municipality organised a series of events, including round tables, on 21 March. This demonstrates the huge reach and capabilities city municipalities have when working with NGOs in campaigning.