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Everybody can give a valuable contribution to the Action Week. Being active against racism does not necessarily require large organisational capacities, big budgets or years of experience – in fact, even the smallest event can make a big difference, and all that is needed from you is creativity and the will to act.

The European campaign aims to raise awareness in all relevant sectors of society. The four main target groups are media, youth, political leaders, and the general public:

>   MEDIA are essential in campaign actions with the purpose of raising awareness among the general public and may agree to work with you to produce special articles, TV programs, and radio shows. Especially local media are often interested in cooperating with local organisations to produce special programs; so inform journalists and media about your activity!

>   YOUTH organisations and teachers’ unions frequently take up the occasion of this week to organise special lessons, campus meetings, petitions and workshops. In fact, it is very important to involve youngsters in actions for diversity: they make the future public debate!

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>   PUBLIC actions, like conferences, debates and demonstrations provide space for reflection and brainstorming. Removing graffiti and other visible actions can alert the public to the message of the Action Week, but also hanging posters and distributing campaign material (e.g. posters, stickers, postcards, info-leaflets…) helps spread our message. You can take up the occasion of the Action Week to write petitions to politicians or publish media releases. Organising activities during the Action Week and give both the Week and your own activity more weight and publicity.

On the UNITED Action Week website, we have published information on how to ‘Get Active!’. You can also gain inspiration by checking previous campaign reports and become inspired by good practices. On Facebook you can also find relevant news from the previous campaign.

As you start developing and preparing your activity there are some basic questions to reflect upon. Depending on how you choose to frame your activity the following questions provide a good starting point:

  • What is the situation to address through your activity? Deconstruct the situation into a fact. Transform existing facts into a new opportunity.
  • Who are you targeting and how?
  • What are your goals and what can you organise in order to achieve them?
  • Who are your potential partners in action?

Answering these questions will enable you to sketch out your event and create a plan of action.

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