European-wide Action Week Against Racism 2013

16.-24. March 2013


Value Diversityposter_WhoSaysWeDontFit

Who says we don’t fit together?

A common argument against diversity and multiculturalism in Europe is that some cultures just don’t fit together. The skeptics say that different groups, religions, cultures and their values are simply incompatible, and we can never build a united, cohesive and inclusive society out of all these differences.

The Russian matryoshkas, on which this campaign poster is based, clearly show us another perspective. One character nests inside another, and another inside that, and so it goes until all the characters are put together to create something complete. In fact, the connection between individual dolls of different sizes and faces only becomes clear once all these diverse elements engage and use their different characteristics to build a stronger structure. So… who now says we don’t fit together?


The true meaning of diversity

On one level this is understanding that many different cultures and groups live together with one another, and embracing this pluralism. On a second level however, diversity refers to the complex and many sides that make up our identities. We define ourselves not just by our nationality, ethnicity, religion or local culture, but by the many things that are important to us and our daily lives; our relationships, our jobs, our hobbies, the music we listen to, the list goes on. So, if we refuse to define ourselves by just one characteristic, should we not afford the same to others?

Diversity is not just the presence of different groups, but diversity within these groups. Once we accept what diversity truly means, we look beneath the surface and can start to find differences between those we considered to be the same, and similarities and connections between each other that we maybe did not realise ever existed. We stop seeing each other as members of a group, but as individuals. Our identities, just like matryoshkas, have many layers, and the combination makes each of us unique. Diversity is uniqueness fitting together, accepting and open to everyone.


The Action Week 2013 brought together a concerted effort from:

  • More than 200.000 people
  • in 47 different countries
  • at least 1800 events
  • all simultaneously during the action weeks in March
  • and many of Europe’s cities joined!

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