Time to be UNITED!

16-24 March – European Action Week Against Racism 2019

The slogan of the European Action Week against Racism of 2019 was ‘Time to be UNITED!’. There was also a special focus on #FaceToFace meetings.

Between 16-24 March 2019, individuals, collectives, organisations and institutions in 27 countries organised around 2,000 events to celebrate diversity and to stand firm against racism and xenophobia. The campaign was a great success and had widespread outreach on social media: we reached 300,000 people through Facebook alone.

Highlights from this year’s campaign included the launch of a Manual on Community Policing by the InterCultural Cities (ICC) programme of the Council of Europe, a series of anti-racism events in Brussels, the UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration in London, and Woche gegen Rassismus in Germany.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s Action Week, by organising or joining activities, big or small, standing up against racism and for inclusive European societies!