The European-wide Action Week Against Racism 2013 Report

Under this section, you can find the UNITED report for the Action Week 2013. Discover some of the highlights by clicking on the country names, reading the introductions to each country and then clicking on the map picture below the introductions to see each activity. By clicking on each individual activity you’ll get a brief report with pictures.

The Action Week 2013 brought together a concerted effort from:

  • More than 200.000 people
  • in 47 different countries
  • at least 1800 events
  • all simultaneously during the action weeks in March
  • and many of Europe’s cities joined!

Everyone agrees that something has to be done to stop the continuing racism in Europe, but it is not always obvious what. This report can be used as a tool to gain inspiration from others and share best practices so that the movement is always fresh and as effective as possible. It can serve to inspire more individuals and organisations to join. It serves to demonstrate how a strong message can be made when the activities of many organisations from all across Europe are put together.

New in 2013

During last year’s campaign, UNITED and the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism (ECCAR – agreed to work together and signed a written covenant on 11 April 2013 to show their commitment for future cooperation. UNITED looks forward to working with ECCAR in the future!

A new website (, Facebook page ( and Twitter feed were launched specially dedicated to the European-wide Action Week. The new campaign website includes an interactive event map that displays all the actions (that UNITED monitored) which take place in the frame of the Action Week. This provides an attractive and practical tool for activists and organisations to find out what activities are taking place near them and gives an overview of the great variety of activities that are organised right across Europe. Users can simply point and click an activity to get practical information on how and when they can attend and who the organisers are.

UNITED also incorporated a new approach by calling on city municipalities to take a stand against racism, and many mayors and municipal representatives responded. Local government support was a great attribute to the campaign and UNITED intends to continue this approach in the future.