Whether you seek inspiration, wish to draw on other activists’ experiences, are looking for potential partners or need various sorts of campaigning materials, UNITED can help you.

–  This year we have selected five Suggested Activities, and provided how-to-guides and best practice information. Check out this page for full details.

– Your activity will appear on our international activity map and we can share it on our social media channels to give you more visibility! Just don’t forget to tell UNITED about your activity by filling in this form.

– Your activity might also get selected to be among our Best Practices next year and in this way, be an inspiration for other organizations.

– Download a wide variety of educational leaflets that provide best-practices and background information about topics relevant for every day anti-racism work. See

– Use the online database on to find partners. Call UNITED if you cannot find a partner for your activities: we can help!


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