Units of Local Self-Government of Macedonia

The Association of Local Self-Governments of the Republic of Macedonia is an association of all local authorities in the country, and which sincerely joins the European action week against racism, organized by UNITED.

Diversity is an advantage and not an obstacle' should be the motto of every local community, if it wants to be in the true sense of the word a union of all its citizens. Local communities are the one that needs to show willingness to overcome any prejudice and to provide conditions for a society of mutual trust, dialogue and understanding. Multiculturalism, integration of all in the community is the most important tool and pathway to lead the community in innovation of creative solutions for better living conditions. An honest support of the community in developing awareness to overcome racial discrimination or any prejudices of its people is the only way for it to become successful. Each improvement or development in the local community without removing the discriminatory elements is not valuable and has no longer-term effect, thus will be shortly outlived. This is completely understood by the Macedonian municipalities who are continuously paying more attention to overcome such challenges.

Mrs Dusica Perisic, Director, Association of the Units of Local Self-Government of Macedonia (ZELS)