Dangerous Constitutional Changes

Since the ruling Fidesz party won two-thirds of the seats in the Hungarian parliament after the 2010 elections, it uses its supermajority to implement majors changes to the constitution.

The constitutional changes curb the independence of the judiciary system, limit the freedom of press and undermine human rights. The constitution discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people by excluding them from the notion of “family,” and it restricts the rights of women and prevents people with mental disabilities from voting.

These changes in the legal framework create a rough tone in Hungarian politics. The Jobbik party, the now third strongest power in parliament, which represents antisemitic, anti-Roma and xenophobic values, gets backed up by this policy making. Harsh criticism comes from NGOs and politicians from all over Europe. The European Commission is preparing a lawsuit against the Hungarian constitutional reform. Proceedings according to article 7 of the EU treaty could lead to a loss of the Hungarian right to vote in the EU.

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