Antisemitism Socially Acceptable Again?

On May 17th, a Romanian journalist was verbally harassed and physically attacked. While walking the streets of Bucharest, in the middle of the day, the journalist Mircea Marian was pushed around by a man who called him “Jidsan”, which means “Jew” in Romanian. According to the media, the incident took place while two policemen stood nearby and did not intervene. After heavy reactions from the public and leading Romanian NGOs, the authorities announced that a criminal investigation for public assault was opened against the aggressor. However, no one in Romania approached, neither directly nor indirectly, the antisemitism behind the incident. In all articles which refer to the incident, the fact that the attack also had an antisemitic dimension was skipped.
This shows that antisemitism is still widely accepted in Romanian society. Over hundreds of years it still is a unsolved discriminatory problem that still needs to be pushed into public discussion.

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