Norway in Mourning

The terrible attacks in Oslo and Utøya that left 77 people dead left the country in shock. Norway was looking for a correct response to such a cruel act.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg vowed that the attack would not hurt Norwegian democracy, and said the proper answer to the violence was “more democracy, more openness, but not naivety”.

Amnesty International and Norwegian People’s Aid produced in 2011 a memorial CD with 18 songs of Norwegian artists. The CD sales brought a profit of at least 5.2 million Norwegian Kroner.

The profits were invested in building a new music amphitheater on the Island Utøya. The goal is to bring back political discussions and debates, new ideas, as well as a space for engagement and enjoyment to the island where young people can come together in a forum.

The Norwegian People’s Aid organisation used the means to strengthen the fight against racism and prejudice. On the 21st March 2013 the organisation launched a website under title Fordommer Fordummer (translated Prejudice stupify). The aim of the page is to refute prejudices with counterarguments based on facts.

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